A university committed
to cultivating a culture in peace
with the Earth


An educational project dedicated to personal and social
transformation. A network of people and entities ready to transform
their belief system, life style and thinking, in order to respond fully
to the challenges facing current society.

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Las visiones del mundo
crean mundos

Richard Tarnas

Campus Can bordoi

El projecte neix a la finca Can Bordoi, una finca de 208Ha. amb camps
de conreu, boscos d’alzines i pins, situada entre Llinars del Vallès i
Dosrius, entre el Montseny i el Maresme, i dins del Parc Natural del
Corredor i el Montnegre.

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El fin último de la agricultura natural
no es el cultivo de las plantas sino el cultivo
de la perfección de los seres humanos

Masanobu Fukuoka

Uniterra staff

Uniterra is made up of a team of professionals who are committed
to change on a cultural, social and ecological level. They are
experienced in the fields of education, community resilience,
ecological sustainability and economic sovereignty.

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Somos humanos exclusivamente
en la medida de nuestro contacto y nuestra
convivencia con lo que no lo es

David Abram

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