The project originates in Can Bordoi, an estate of 208 hectares made up of both arable land and forests, situated between the towns of Llinars del Valles and Dosrius. It lies between the Montseny and the Maresme, and partially within the national park of the Corredor and Montnegre.

Lloguer d´espais

El campus Can Bordoi lloga els seus espais per fer diferents
activitats i per col.laborar a sostenir el projecte d'Uniterra
La casa disposa de 20 llits (distribuïts en habitacions de 2 i de 3 persones amb lavabos comuns), tres sales per fer activitats corporals, una sala gran i dues sales petites per fer reunions. El menjador i la cuina estan equipats per a 30 persones, i hi ha un espai al torreó preparat per fer meditació. La pallissa és una sala independent amb cuina i bany per fer activitats corporals o per fer-hi concerts amb un piano de cua i aforament per a 60 cadires.

Si hi esteu interessats, contacteu amb nosaltres per correu, especificant les vostres dades sobre l’entitat i l’activitat que voleu fer, o trucant al T. 650 698 422 (demaneu per l'Anna).
Price list 2017-2018
Torre 100€ / dia
Pallissa 50€ / dia
Dormir 10€ / persona i dia
Neteja 60€ / dia
Dinar 10€ / persona i dia
Sopar 10€ / persona i dia
Esmorzar 5€ / persona i dia
Availability 2017-2018

Desembre: 23-24 i 30-31
Gener: 6-7
Febrer: 10-11
Abril: 14-15
Juny: 9-10, 23-24, 30-1
Juliol: 7-8, 14-15, 21-22



The Can Bordoi estate is situated between the towns of Llinars del Valles and Dosrius, between the Montseny and the Maresme, and partially within the national park of the Corredor and Montnegre.


Decorative Image
The spirit of this house has always
been philanthropic.

The modernist villa was built at the beginning of the 20th century as a summer house. When Teresa Roca and her husband José María Vilaseca became responsible for it they wanted it to have a purpose which benefited the wider social context. Since that time the spirit of the place has always been concerned with raising awareness of social issues, facilitating dialogue between religions and cultures, and above all contributing to improving the quality of education in our country, especially in eras of critical change such as the one we are now living.

During the last period of her life, Teresa Roca worked hard to ensure that Can Bordoi would continue to be in service of the needs of young people, of education and of Catalan culture.

Uniterra is this project. A place where young people are guided on their path to self-knowledge, develop social awareness and are able to find a life project which is both fulfilling for the individual and contributes to the wider society.


Why a University?

Universities represent, in every epoch, the value society gives to knowledge. Modernity has considered its ideal wise person or sage to be the erudite and the specialist, in response to a period in history shaped by the needs of industrialism and by scientific and technological research. However, wisdom is not the sum of specific knowledge but rather the ability to reach human fulfillment in the midst of circumstances offered by any given era. This is the purpose of a university, to offer a space where, while taking care of the individual and their singularity, the paths shown and the knowledge imparted is an appropriate basis from which to act in the present.

To be involved in the creation of worlds, worthy of all beings, is the origin of this project, inspired by thinkers like Ivan Illich and Raimon Panikkar. It is supported by social movements which, across the world, are mining beneath the economic discourse and the values which guide it. It is part of the anthropological turn around which displaces human beings from the center of the planet and situates them on the brow of the network of living beings configured by the earth and the universe. More concretely in the field of education, it has as a reference point the Earth Universities established in Latin America.