All the courses aim at revealing the full potential
of the person and they are led with an interdisciplinary approach
by the Uniterra staff and by experts from different backgrounds.

Facilitation and Elderhood. Basic Course

November 2018 - June 2019
With the trainer José Luis Escorihuela, ‘Ulisses’

The Facilitation and Leadership course is a path of personal and collective transformation. On a personal level, human beings have to overcome old relational patterns, especially those that make us distrustful, reactive and often aggressive, and develop a more empathetic and compassionate communication, as well as a creative attitude towards life.


At the community level, human beings have to overcome old structures of collective organization, especially those that contain domination and abuses of power, and create organizations that imitate and sustain life, creating adequate spaces for participation, cooperative work and mutual learning.


The Facilitation and Leadership course is a proposal developed by José Luis Escorihuela, ‘Ulises’, based on long experience as a group facilitator and on a solid theoretical basis, which includes Social Psychology, Theory of Complex Systems, the Work of Processes (A. Mindell), Integral Theory (K. Wilber), or Nonviolent Communication (M. Rosenberg), among others.


Basic level (8 modules, 120 hours in total): Group processes and living systems, communication and relationships, emotions and conflict management, effective meetings and decision-making, power and leadership. The basic level is designed for anyone who wants to improve their personal relationships and create or be part of effective groups.


Dates and contents:


2-4 November
Introduction to group processes

1-2 December
Communication, assertiveness and empathy

11-13 January
Influence, power and leadership

1-3 February
The conflict and its elements

1-3 March
Collective inquiry processes

5-7 April
Emotional management and conflict

3-5 May
Governance and decision making

1-2 June
Empowerment and group cohesion


Training accredited by the International Institute for Facilitation and Change Europe (Instituto Internacional de Facilitación y Cambio Europa – IIFACe)

Date November 2018 - June 2019 Place Campus Can Bordoi Price 220€ per mòdul qui faci el curs complet, i 250€ per mòdul sol. Inclou allotjament i menjar. La inscripció al curs complet implica el pagament per avançat de 240€, i serveix com a reserva de la plaça. Registrations More information



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