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Intercultural Dialogue Programme

Complete programme from October 2018 until June 2019

This course is set within the frame work of the year of Panikkar, celebrating the centenary of his birth.


What are we talking about when we talk of dialogue? How to integrate pluralism with the awareness that we live in a shared world?

The intercultural philosophy of Raimon Panikkar is one of his main contributions to understanding and acting in this interconnected and ever-changing world which we inhabit.  It enables us to be pluralist without renouncing our identity, and to maintain differences yet be in harmony.

In this last trimester of the Panikkar year we want to pay him homage with a specific training of four seminars circling the meaning of intercultural dialogue and putting into practice dialogical experiences, which will continue throughout the coming year.


Uniterra regards Raimon Panikkar as one of its principal inspirations.  In his vision of a world whole and plural interculturality is a central component, understood as a characteristic of reality itself and as an indisputable challenge of our era.


As a proponent of peace-culture, he understood dialogue as the attitude of allowing oneself to be transformed by the other, from the conviction that only through the other can we see ourselves and know ourselves.  Far from using words in an instrumental way, he vindicates the power of a word which carries commitment, to the extent which it is the expression of the truth, limited but real, of each person.  The dialogical dialogue to which he referred, implies therefore the whole person, being an experience of inner opening from which one emerges transformed.


One must go towards dialogue unarmed, ready to question our certainties and securities, and experience of the world newly.  This presupposes going beyond the mental and connecting with a deeper human dimension, which allows us to show ourselves as vulnerable and at the same time rooted in the world.


This is the Panikkarian proposal, which today we offer from Uniterra, a collective learning which broadens our consciousness and enables our actions to be based in wisdom and compassion.


“Interculturality is the place where myths meet and cross over”– Raimon Panikkar.




19-21st October
Presentation of the Year of Panikkar with Ignasi Moreta: Why think of Panikkar today?
Seminar about Intercultural philosophy with Raúl Fornet Betancourt 


26-28th October
Silence and Word: Non duality as a place of dialogue between religions
David Loy


9-11th November
Cultural disarmament – Revising myths, transforming beliefs
Àngels Canadell


16-18th November
The practice of dialogical dialogue
Lluís Planas, Martí Olivella, Arcadi Oliveres


21-22nd December
Soil, Soul, Society – An Intercultural Trinity
Satish Kumar







Philosophy professor at Bremen University (Germany). Director and founder of Concordia, International philosophy magazine. Coordinator of the North-South philosophical dialogue, as well as the International conferences on intercultural philosophy, and motivator of the Dialogue programme for Cuban Intellectuals in exile and on the island.  Responsible for the creation of the International School of Intercultural Philosophy, based in Barcelona.



Ignasi Moreta is literature professor at the University of Pompeu Fabra and literary director of Fragmenta publishing house, where the complete works of Raimon Panikkar are published.  Doctor in humanities, he specialised in the thinking of Joan Maragall and is currently the commissioner of the Year of Panikkar in the centenary of his birth.



David R. Loy is a Zen master, professor of Buddhism and comparative philosophy, speaker and author of many books about Buddhism and modernity.  He offers workshops on “Transforming self, transforming society” and on “Ecodharma: Buddhist teachings on the brink of the precipice”.  See his texts and videos here:



Cofounder and director of Uniterra, a university inspired by the awareness of interdependence and which understands knowledge as a practice for life and for social transformation.  Professor of philosophy, her specialism is the thinking of Raimon Panikkar.  Cofounder of the International School of Intercultural Philosophy.



Cofounder of Schumacher College (UK) where he was director of programme until 2010.  He was a Jain monk and peace activist following Gandhian philosophy.  He was editor of Resurgence magazine, for over 40 years, specialising in questions of environmental ethics, committed spirituality, philosophy and right livelihood.


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Date Complete programme from October 2018 until June 2019 Place Campus Can Bordoi Price 190€ per seminar (includes accommodation and meals)
Scholarships are offered and social currencies and exchanges are accepted.
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