All the courses aim at revealing the full potential
of the person and they are led with an interdisciplinary approach
by the Uniterra staff and by experts from different backgrounds.

Dialogues from the Ground Up

19-28 October 2018
Seminar with Raúl Fornet-Betancourt

In this first seminar, we’ll be inquiring together how to live our own human condition in a world of conflicts.  A philosophy which puts into practice listening to the other, and aspires to restablish the balance between cultures.


This seminar is part of the  Intercultural dialogue programme.  During the autumn term we will explore the dialogical dialogue of Raimon Panikkar together with people such as David Loy, Arcadi Oliveras or Satish Kumar.



Philosophy professor at Bremen University (Germany). Director and founder of Concordia, International philosophy magazine. Coordinator of the North-South philosophical dialogue, as well as the International conferences on intercultural philosophy, and motivator of the Dialogue programme for Cuban Intellectuals in exile and on the island.  Responsible for the creation of the International School of Intercultural Philosophy, based in Barcelona.

Date From Friday 19 October, at 5pm, until Sunday 21, at 2pm Place Campus Can Bordoi Price 190€ each seminar (includes accommodation and meals)
Scholarships are offered and social currencies and exchanges are accepted.
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