All the courses aim at revealing the full potential
of the person and they are led with an interdisciplinary approach
by the Uniterra staff and by experts from different backgrounds.

Inhabit the world Programme

6 weekends from January-June 2018


A change of perspective which doesn’t stop at inner transformation, but from there wants to generate a new culture, another way of doing politics, of understanding knowledge, and which contributes to changing economic globalization and cultural homogenization.

An experiential training during six weekends, to explore new ways of living and thinking with the intention of creating “a place of my own in a shared world.”


Course content:


26-28 January  Àngels Canadell
Walking a shared world
Kosmoteandrismo: A sensitive and spiritual vision of the cosmos


23-25 February  José Luis Escorihuela “Ulises”
Holocracy: “A world into which many worlds fit”
Transforming myths


23-25 March  Raúl Fornet-Betancourt
Who is the other me?
Plural identities in a shared world


27-29 April Arcadi Oliveres & Martí Olivella
How much is enough?
Walking lightly on the earth
Social economy as a non-violent expression of a society


25-27 May  Pep Puig & Richard Wade
An adequate relationship with techné


15-17 June  Lluís Planas
Walking one’s own world
Action and contemplation


More information about the programme Inhabit the world

Date 6 weekends from January-June 2018 Place Campus Can Bordoi Price 1800€ / 1000€ (reduced price) Registrations More information



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