The Project

An educational project dedicated to personal and social transformation.
A network of people and entities ready to transform their belief system,
life style and thinking, in order to respond fully to the challenges facing
current society.
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To generate cultural models with
which to understand the state
of the world and which help new
generations in their path towards
an ethical life.

The changes needed by current civilization are not only
economic or political but concern our worldview,
implying a transformation of the entire person,
of the way we perceive, feel and think.

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A holistic learning process, working
and living together, at whose heart
is the evolution of the person, their
relationship with the earth and their
commitment to the world.

From an experiential and participative basis, we invite a change
of perspective, making it possible to look at reality from
a different place. From here we can think about ecological,
economic and social questions within the ethos of
sustainability and justice.

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Uniterra has various sources: The cosmotheandric vision developed by Raimon Panikkar,
and the concept of Interculturality which it gives rise to; Ivan Illych’s emancipatory stance,
and his comprehension of conviviality as the way to social and personal fulfilment;
and the legacy left by Lluís Maria Xirinacs, of a country led by its own longing for
fulfilment and freedom of peoples, following the path of non-violent resistance.
And at the same time we are inspired by the Earth Universities which have sprung up
around the Zapatista movement in Mexico (Oaxaca and Chiapas), living,
vibrant centres which counteract the globalised mono culture.